67 | From Hustler to CEO with Brandee Gaar

Entrepreneurship occurs in so many different stages- which one are you in? Tune in to learn about each phase and how you should operate within them!

If you are dreaming of the days when passive income will carry you, I've got some news for you! It's going to take hard work and time, but you can make it happen! Join Brandee Gaar and me as we talk through the phases of entrepreneurship and how they lead you to the end goal of passive income!

Brandee is a business coach with expertise in the wedding industry. With a focus on mindset and empowering teams, Brandee guides entrepreneurs through the challenges and growth opportunities of each stage of entrepreneurship. Her coaching approach emphasizes strategic planning, building systems, and achieving sustainable business success.

We talk about: 

  • The 3 main stages of business
  • The Hustler Stage, The Bloomin Onion Stage, and the CEO Stage
  • The importance of mindset in each stage!

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