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Does this sound like you?

Is your creative business booming but you feel embarrassed by the financial side of your biz... so you either ignore your numbers, let your partner handle it all, or outsource without taking a second look? (You’ve gotta know those numbers too, girl).

Do your finances feel like the secret “skeleton in your closet” you hope no one ever sees? (including your own two eyes!)

Maybe you LOOK successful on the outside, but don’t FEEL successful on the inside because your business numbers seem chaotic, scary, or out of control?

The Good News: Money doesn’t have to feel like the biggest obstacle in your business. Instead, it’s time we make it one of your greatest assets!





I’m Erinn Bridgman -- a Strategic Money Mastery Coach on a MISSION to make the vulnerable topic of money SEXY and FUN!

In the last 10 years, I built a 6-figure coaching business, developed a real estate empire, became a millionaire and took everything I learned (mistakes and all!) and became a Money Mindset and Management Coach For the Creative Entrepreneur.

My dream is to empower women entrepreneurs (like you!) to make a massive impact, BUILD YOUR WEALTH, and live an AMAZING life.

I’m the creative AND the nerd
The hype-girl AND the no-bullshit friend

I've created a Wealthy Woman Movement that is a judgment-free zone.

Want to join me?

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When working with Erinn 1:1, you'll get access to her as an expert in both money AND business. Gain access to Erinn's proprietary Money Matrix system (pretty money management spreadsheets that don’t turn your brain inside out) and tools that help you implement what you're learning so you can see RESULTS.

Make massive shifts around money that help you project profits, build wealth, and make tax season a BREEZE!  Completely shift your mindset around money from feeling shame, indifference, or fear to feeling incredibly abundant and capable!

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Work 1:1 with Erinn and her CFO, Faith, to transform the future of your money in just ONE month! Together, these pros will equip you to truly understand your numbers and give you everything you need to be the CFO of your home and business. A lot can happen in 30 days...why not let it be a completely financial overhaul of your biz?

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Erinn showed me the real gold of how to work smarter not harder in my business, how to build AND sell a high ticket program, and how to have the confidence to go ALL IN. As a result, I nearly doubled my hourly rate and am finally able to enjoy teaching without burning out knowing that I’m scaling my business to the next level!


 Erinn not only helped me start booking weddings and more lifestyle clients, but also helped me raise my prices significantly, which allowed me to triple my income! Making more money has been amazing because I'm able to work less and make more money, which allows me to spend more quality time with my family.


In working with Erinn, I developed a 10-week brand coaching program designed to help female entrepreneurs build a brand that captivates and converts. Erinn helped me determine my pricing based on the value and results that my clients would walk away with. Packaging and pricing are everything for those of us in service-based businesses and Erinn helped move past my limiting beliefs and into a space of profitability.

Take Back Your Life AND Build Your Empire!



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The Wealthy Woman Podcast, hosted by Strategic Money Coach, Erinn Bridgman, is dedicated to helping creative female entrepreneurs raise their income and impact and grow their personal wealth. 

After listening to The Wealthy Woman Podcast, you should feel more equipped with each episode to tackle your finances, work less, earn more, and love what you do! It’s time to shift your relationship with money so you can attract more of it and achieve the financial success you desire.

Listen to my latest podcasts to overcome limiting beliefs, develop self-confidence, and gain financial freedom. Financial abundance awaits you!

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