62 | Empower Your Finances: Overcoming Blocks & Strategic Planning

Do you like to see it before you can believe it? For the first time ever, I'm inviting a client to walk through their money journey with me live on the show! Come see how I can help revolutionize your money journey!

If you are looking for a real-life example of someone who has walked with me through money coaching and enjoyed the benefit, LISTEN UP! Join me as we walk through how working with me helped Kelsey unlock her wealth!

Kelsey is a seasoned photographer and branding expert, known for her dynamic approach and creative vision. As a senior photographer, she captures the essence and individuality of her subjects with finesse, creating timeless portraits that tell unique stories. Transitioning away from the wedding industry, Kelsey now focuses her lens on seniors and small businesses, where her passion for storytelling and branding shines through.

We talk about: 

  • Transition from Wedding Photography
  • Financial Challenges and Mindset Shifts
  • Overcoming Mental Blocks
  • Importance of Strategic Financial Planning

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