59 | From Money Madness to Business Bliss with Alane Gianetti

Tune in to this inspiring podcast episode as Alane shares her incredible journey of financial empowerment and personal growth. Discover the strategies, mindset shifts, and daily habits that led to her financial and personal success. Get ready to be motivated and empowered on this transformative episode!

In this podcast episode we talk about Alane's transformative journey, unraveling the narrative of regaining financial control, cultivating an abundance mindset, and implementing strategic shifts that propelled Alane's business and life to new heights.

Alane, a seasoned wedding calligrapher based in Hoboken, New Jersey, brings over seven years of creative expertise to this podcast episode. Expressing gratitude for the chance to reconnect with the host, she recounts her transformative journey initiated in 2020. Facing burnout and uncertainty in her business, Alane sought collaboration to revamp and reposition herself in the industry. Specializing in wedding stationery and signage, she engages in personalized collaborations with clients, infusing their special day with bespoke elegance.

We talk about: 

  • Business Burnout and Overbooking
  • Financial Transformation and Strategic Planning
  • Mindset Shift and Abundance Mentality
  • Financial Transformations
  • Personal Finance Shift
  • Mindset and Accountability

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